Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Exploring the Scriptures: Anna

I always have wanted to know more about the Scriptures.  I find that reading them is never enough.  So I have decided that I am going to pick a topic out of the Bible Dictionary and explore a topic.  I have noticed that there are people mentioned in the Bible, but at times they are only mentioned once.  One such person that I found was Anna

"(New Testament form of Hannah.) A prophetess of the tribe of Asher who, after a short married life of seven years, had been, at the time of our Lord’s birth, a widow for 84 years. She was one of those who greeted the infant Jesus at His presentation in the temple"
 Here's what the scripture in Luke 2:36-38

"36 And there was one Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser: she was of a great age, and had lived with an husband seven years from her virginity;
37 And she was a widow of about fourscore and four years, which departed not from the temple, but servedGod with fastings and prayers night and day.
38 And she coming in that instant gave thanks likewise unto the Lord, and spake of him to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem."

Who is Anna and why is she only mentioned once.  We know from reading the verses that she was

  • A Prophetess
  • Daughter of Phanuel
  • From the tribe of Asher
  • Was 84 years old
  • A widow
  • MAY have lived in the temple
But why was she mentioned?  Was she important?  Could there have been a possibility that she was more important than what is lead to believe in those 3 verses. Why isn't she mentioned else where, as in the book of Mathew, Mark.
So I took and the internet to find more clues to who Anna was. explains why she was mentioned in a way that makes is understandable:

The Spirit’s witness to the divinity of Jesus was not to be confined to a man. There was at that time in the temple a godly woman of great age, Anna, a prophetess who devoted herself exclusively to temple service; and she, being inspired of God, recognized her Redeemer, and testified of Him to all about her. Both Joseph and Mary marveled at the things that were spoken of the Child; seemingly they were not yet able to comprehend the majesty of Him who had come to them through so miraculous a conception and so marvelous a birth.

I love how it states, "The Spirit's witness to the divinity of Jesus was NOT to be confined to a man."  Any one can testify of Jesus.  Anna was a prophetess because she prophesied about Jesus Christ, that he is the Redeemer.
Another website I found theopolisinstitute.comExplains about Anna further. 

"With Simeon and Anna, we have the testimony of two reliable witnesses. It is important to remember where they are. They are in the temple. Even before Jesus can speak or show Himself the Christ, even before His baptism, God announces to His faithful people the birth of His Son. God the proud Father allows faithful Israel to see the Son of God and welcome Him into His Temple. What a contrast to unfaithful Israel. Herod already wants Jesus dead, and when Jesus grows up, temple leaders will scream for His crucifixion. Simeon and Anna shows us how the true people of God receives Jesus: Jesus is Holy to the Lord. He is the Christ. Praise God for preserving a true people for himself. Unless God adopted us into His family, we’d be blind to His Son and oppose His work in the world.
In Anna’s days, there were plenty of reasons for her to avoid going to the Temple. Her fasting and prayers speak to a dilemma in her day. Anna’s fasting recognizes the need for a redeemer. She’s removing herself from the desecration, the leaven of self-righteousness all too common, the distraction of people who want the Temple to serve their purposes rather than God’s, a distraction even today found among the halls of God’s house.This behaviour, fasting and praying, is Anna’s elegy of her situation in order to provoke God to act on her behalf. She fasts from food, becomes physically hungry, and this physical hunger reminds her of her hunger for God to whom she prays for relief. Anna’s plea is for God to bring about the redemption of Jerusalem. We join her ranks when we pray “Lord, rescue your people from our enemies encircling us all around.”

That site has so much more about Anna, which I will leave you to explore on your own.
But now that I have looked up about Anna I have noticed that her role in the Bible was very important even though there is little about her.  She is important because she is

  • a second witness
  • a righteous person
  • a prophet to testify of Jesus Christ

Monday, April 24, 2017

My thoughts on General Conference 2017 talk

Those of you who are familuar with the Latter-day Saints know that we hold two General Conference meetings a year.  One in April and the other in October.  Brief explanation for those who don't know, its when our Prophet and other leaders come together and address the church followers.  They give us inspired talks.

One talk that I really felt a strong spirit in was entitled

He made some really good points that stuck out to me.  I'm going to quote some of his talk and add my input/feelings that I got from his talk.

"One day, a few months after my baptism, I heard some members criticizing each other in church. I was very disappointed. I went home and told my father that maybe I should not go to church anymore. It was difficult to see members criticize others like that. After listening, my father taught me that the gospel had been restored and it is perfect but members are not yet, neither himself nor me. He firmly said, “Do not lose your faith because of the people around you, but build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Don’t look around, look up!”"

There have actually been times in my life when I have allowed the way others influence my attendence of church.  I'm not saying that I always attend church.  I am far from doing that.  But there have been times where I have not liked the way a person has acted towards another and even myself to allow that to interfere with my worship.  The only person this is hurting is ME. Why do we allow this to happen.  It takes away from us, not the other person who we have felt has offended us.  NO ONE is perfect, church is not on this earth for the perfect person.  It is here for the sinners who need to come closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  We need to set aside the natural man and choose to serve, and learn from our Heavenly Father. I love the quote "Don't loose your faith because of the people around you."  We must not let others choose how we worship.

"Dear brothers and sisters, it is not easy for us to recognize the love of Heavenly Father when we look around with our temporal eyes, because we see inconvenience, loss, burdens, or loneliness first. On the other hand, we can see the blessings beyond when we look up. The Lord has revealed, “When we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.”

There are probably many blessings that i have missed because I am one who tends to look around with my temporal eyes.  I wish I didn't.  I wish that I can by some miricle wake up and find myself looking up towards Heaven and my Heavenly Father and never looking around.  I wish I can be one of those who do a miraculas turn around and strive every day to serve Heavenly Father. Why do I find it hard to wake up, pray to my Heavenly Father and thnk Him for another day at life?  Why do I find it hard to take 5 minutes out of my life to read His word?  5 minutes, that's 1 verse. Can it truely be that hard?  I say yes it can.  But then I don't have the reason as to why it is that hard.  It could be that my temporal eyes are looking around, looking at the loss, the burdens and loneliness of life.  But how, How do you break away from this???

"Elder M. Russell Ballard said: “If you choose to become inactive or to leave the restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where will you go? What will you do? The decision to ‘walk no more’ with Church members and the Lord’s chosen leaders will have a long-term impact that cannot always be seen right now.”6 President Thomas S. Monson encouraged us, “May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.”7It is never too late to look up to Jesus Christ. His arms are always open to you. There are generations before us and after us depending on us to follow Christ so that we can be an eternal family of God."
This sums it up. When we turn from our Heavenly Father and walk the path of sin it is alot harder to turn from that path and walk the right way.  It's hard to give up adictions like smoking, drinking, not reading your scriptures or even praying.  And when you get to that low point in life, you feel as if you are alone.  But you are never alone.  Heavenly Father is always with you.  You just have to turn towards Him and ask for forgiveness.  Our brother Jesus Christ is always waiting with open arms to welcome you back.  He is always willing to forgive, if we just repent and ask for his forgiveness.  Heavenly Father is a loving father, he doesn't want any of us to go astray.  He wants all of us to return unto him when our mortal life is over.

"It’s not always easy to look up when your parents are opposed to the gospel, when you are a member of a small Church unit, when your spouse is not a member, when you are still single although you did your best to marry, when a child has strayed, when you find yourself a single parent, when you are physically or emotionally challenged, when you are a victim in a disaster, and so on. Hold on to your faith in those hard times. Look up to Christ for strength, balance, and healing. Through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, “all things shall work together for [your] good.”8
It isn't that easy when your spouse isn't part of the church.  That's one excuse I use.  I always think, well if Chango was a memeber of the church then going to church would be easier, reading the scriptures would be easier.  I always think that having someone else to share the experience with makes it easier.  But I must do it myself.  No one else can do it for me.  I must do it.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

i just dont know

it's funny....i just don't know why i write this blog.  i feel like no one ever reads it. maybe its just for me. maybe this is a way to get my words out and keep my mind sane.  maybe someone is out there reading this and some how it is helping them i hope it is.  so if you are reading this blog then maybe you need some words of inspiration, you need some uplifting in your life. and maybe you are just helping me get what i need out of my mind and are silently helping me.

Friday, April 21, 2017

An interesting thing came into my mind today as I sat in the employee lounge at my work, which just happens to be in a basement, it was nice being down there alone with just my lunch and thoughts. And boy did my thoughts run away.

I had met with the missionaries earlier in the day to discuss our weekly Bible study chapters. Knowing I might be on a side which I do not really care to work on, I asked the Elders to leave me with a uplifting word from the Book of Mormon to get me through the night. Alma 11:40 came to the elders mind

"And he shall come into the world to redeem his people; and he shall take upon him the transgressions of those who believe on his name; and these are they that shall have eternal life, and salvation cometh to none else."

As I pondered these words again I thought of what one of the elders said through believing in Jesus Christ and good works we all will be saved.

Good works, huh. That led me to think of a question that was asked this Sunday on Sunday school:
                                                    "What does being the Lord’s covenant
                                                    people have to do with how we dress,
                                                    act, and keep the commandments of

I have the first part down which is believing in Jesus Christ that he is my savior and my redeemer. That he was sent by Heavenly Father to die on the cross for my sins. He is my big brother, my middle man, my shoulder to lean on. I may not always remember in my trials and tribulations to always call upon Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to get me through my troubles. I don't always feast upon his words everyday. It's hard for me to pray, or actually it is hard for me to remember to pray. At times I kind of envy people that remember to do it, it's nice to be in a fast food restaurant and see a couple bow their heads and say a prayer before they eat their meal. Sometimes, and I try so hard not to do it, I do take the Lord's name in vain. It's kind of hard when you are used to cussing, but I am trying to do better and trying to choose different words instead. I am trying to go to church every week, even if it is only for one hour out of the three hours we go. I've actually had friends who ask how I can go to church for three hours, but honestly since I have grown up in the church it doesn't bother me. I love it, because the first hour is our Sacrament hour or mass to some people. Our second hour is Sunday School, and then the third hour is like Sunday School only women go to one class and the men go to another class. And honestly, when I am at church going through the different classes/hours it doesn't feel like I have been at church for three hours at all. Sometimes I am sad at the end of church because I had such a wonderful, spiritual experience I don't want it to end.
So how does good works go hand in hand with believing in Jesus Christ?  It's hard for me to explain.  But we can ask ourselves, How is it that if you believe in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and still do wicked things?  I know that in my heart that can't really be, for you can not have two masters.

                                                         24 ¶No man can serve two masters:
                                                              for either he will hate the one,
                                                              and love the other; or else he will
                                                              hold to the one, and despise the other. 
                                                             Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

If you truely follow Jesus Christ in your heart, then you will strive to not only keep the commandments of our Heavenly Father, but also follow the teachings of Jesus.  When he was here on earth, he helped the weak, the sick, the sinful, and poor.  He told us to be converted as little children.  If you truely have faith in Jesus Christ, you will strive to folloow the commandments, which in turn betters yourself.  Not only that but you will also learn to forgive others and do unto them as you would have them do unto you.  You just can't hold a grudge against someone and another for total forgiveness if you haven't forgiven in your heart. 
                                                       13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:
                                                       Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this
                                                       is the whole duty of man.
                                                       14 For God shall bring every work into judgment,
                                                       with every secret thing, whether it be good,
                                                       or whether it be evil.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Ghost Story

It's getting close to Halloween, and so I start really thinking about hauntings, ghosts, you know things that are scary. I love Halloween, not the kiddy holiday, but the spooks, ghouls, haunted houses...things that go bump in the night. I have always had a fascination for ghosts. I think it is because when I was around 5ish, I kept seeing ghosts in my room and since then I am in love with ghosts and haunted houses. (note to self: finish story in other blog) I don't get freaked out when I am in a spooky place it is so much fun for me. But, I am getting off track.....SO, since I have been looking up Haunted places, haunted hay rides, ghosts, I figured out I would tell one of my stories.

Back in 2001, I think it was November to be exact, Chango and I moved to Oklahoma and was living with my sister-in-law in her apartment. Her apartment was pretty nice, and the best thing about it was that it had a fireplace. So Chango and I decided to make our bed in front of the fireplace and watch TV. I wish I could remember what we were watching, but out of the corner of my eye to my left, I saw a white long haired cat walking up to me. So I reached out my hand as to pet it. When I looked to my left, to make sure I was actually going to pet the cat, it took a couple of seconds to go from the long haired cat to a almost fully deflated balloon. It kind of freaked me out once I realized what was going on because my sister-in-law didn't own a white long haired cat at the time, she owned a short black haired cat. I never saw the white cat again.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

John Travolta and Swordfish

Today was pretty exciting. My dad sent me my dollar bill that has John Travolta's signature on it. How did I get it? Well back in 2000, John was filming the movie Swordfish in Ventura, CA. At the time I was living there with my brother, his wife and kids. Our neighbors, mike and jay, said they were going to go to where they were filming the movie and asked me if I wanted to go. I ended up taking one of my nieces with me and we all waited, lined up at the edge of the sidewalk for them to finish filming for the day. Finally, here came John Travolta and Huge Jackman. Huge gave a few autographs and then left with a few boos behind him. But John stayed, and signed one side of the street then came over to sign our side. I was so happy, and screaming, but when he got infront of me all I could do was stare, hand him my dollar bill and ask if I could shake his hand. Yup, I got to touch John Travolta, OH MY!!! It was so exciting to see him, not just on the screen but in person. He has been my favorite actor since I saw him in Staying Alive and Grease.

Some of the pictures posted here were taken off of the internet from different sites. They are pictures of the film that was filmed in Ventura, CA (my family's vacation spot)


The huge tree in back is where the San Buenaventura Mission is.
Ventura, CA

This is the building that was used for the Bank sceens

Downtown Ventura, CA

Downtown Ventura, CA

Thursday, September 5, 2013

This is the letter Dad wrote to me.

This is the letter Dad sent to me.
He isn't well educated, and it shows in his spelling
but no matter what I love my Dad.

Pit bulls, world's most misunderstood dog

Yup you read that right, Pit Bulls, or pits, are the most misunderstood dog. People think they are vicious but I see a side of them that is loving, loyal, forgiving, protective of it's pack, easy to get along, lazy, hyper, tough, strong, and sometimes stinky (farts) wonderful dog!

The term pit bull is a generic term used to describe dogs with similar physical characteristics. Usually a "pit bull" is considered one of several breeds including the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier or any mix thereof. In some parts of the world, the American Bulldog and Dogo Argentino are also classified as a "Pit Bull-type" dog, despite major genetic differences. Any dog that is mixed with a "bully breed" may also be called a "pit bull" including those that are descended from the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier and Cane Corso.[3] The pit bull is not a distinct breed which may make it difficult for experts to identify. Any mixed breed dog may be labelled a "pit bull" if they have the characteristic square shaped head

I am a proud momma of 2 pit bulls.

My female is named Bia, she is a rescue that I did. While living in Oakland, CA Chango and I were living in a studio apartment that was a house that was converted into apartments, there was a family that moved in who happened to have a Pit bull. She was a cute-brindle dog, very friendly to people, didn't like my dog at all, and was left to roam the streets or locked in a cage just big enough to stand and turn around. One day the father of the family was talking to a friend about her saying he didn't want her anymore and was going to put her down. Me being a dog lover, and also loving the way pits looked, talked to my sister and we came up with a plan to "steal" the dog. Finally, they allowed her to roam the streets again. I was going to put my plan into motion that night, but instead (something was just telling me to..) I asked the father if he still wanted to get rid of her because I had a place that she could go to. He told me he had to talk it out with his family, and about 15 min later they came back with the dog saying to take her. That was all I needed, the dog was mine. And so she became part of my family, and with the adoption I decided to rename her from her old name, Coco yuck what an ugly name, to Bia after Greek mythology. Bia (the greek goddess/spirit is everything Pit Bulls can be)

BIA was the spirit (daimona) of force, power, might, bodily strength and compulsion. She and her sister Nike (Victory), and brothers Kratos (Strength) and Zelos (Rivalry), were the winged enforcers of Zeus who stood in attendance about his throne.

My male is Rhyno. Actually his full name is Rhyno the Chillon. Oh my goodness, he is 70lbs of pure bone head. He is still a puppy, and I laugh as I right that because he is just one huge monster. He doesn't realize his large stature, and my foot or leg or body feels the pressure of his weight as he "tries" to be a lap dog. We traveled three hours to Carthage, MO to buy him and three hours back home. On the ride home he did nothing but cry, and cry and cry. So I decided to name him Chillon which is Spanish for crybaby. As he grew older, and he started sprouting I would watch him run from the living room into the dinning room chasing a cat or running to his food bowl. The bigger he got, the more I was thinking to myself he is looking like a Rhinoceros, it was so cute how his big blue but would look as he walked away. And so I changed his name from Chillon to Rhyno. Then I was thinking some more, he is a Rhyno but he is still a crybaby so, *sigh* he became Rhyno the Chillon. And I must say he is a CRY BABY!!! I can't go outside without him because he is crying at the door, or when I take him for a car ride and I stop at the store to get something to drink forget it, he is embarrassing!! But he is my baby, and a big brat.

These are just two stories about my pits, I have two nephews who have pits, a step sister who has one.  I would have to say people are racist against pits.  They are the most misunderstood breed out there.  If I could I would own one or two more pits, but I think I have to wait till my small dogs pass.  I know one thing though, IF I were to get another pit, I would make sure to get it already in adulthood.  My female is so opposite from my male, she is kicked back while he is hyper.  But I can say one thing.  I LOVE THIS BREED OF DOG!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Looking back: Empty Bed

I was looking back on some of the earlier, and when I mean earlier mostly the first few, entries I made. One of them caught my eye, Empty Bed. I didn't know what, OK I mean I couldn't remember what I wrote in that entry and I think I was wondering to myself why I was calling it Empty Bed. So I opened it up and read it. At first it made me cry, because it took me back to those feelings I had back then when Chango had first left to go train to be a truck driver. I had forgotten how bad I felt, how alone. I remember crying myself to sleep almost every night for a month because the one I was used to sleeping next to for the 10 years we were together was no longer going to be there. I don't even think I felt like that when he used to work from 11pm to 7am, but of coarse when I was feeling alone I would just go visit him at work. The more I think about it the more I realized how hard it was for me.  Of coarse Chango had come home for a local job, but then he had to go back over the road driving again.  To my surprise I wasn't like I was back when he first left.  I think I was just scared, I didn't know what was going to happen, how I was going to live on my own, or when I would see him again.  I adjusted, got on a routine, and I started filling the bed with all the dogs.  

NOW:  Chango has been back home for about 13 days, does my bed feel empty...NO!!  At times I wish he would go sleep on the couch.  HAHAHAHA, when he is taking up half of the bed, then my dogs try to come and pile on the bed (because mama got them used to sleeping on the bed with her)  I wind up with about 1/32 piece of bed.  Yup those are the nights that I wish I had an Empty Bed again.  But either way, looking back (and I guess forward)  I am grateful that I was able to go through those early days, I'm glad I know how to cope with an Empty Bed. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

What does my name mean?

I was just sitting here, thinking to myself what does my name mean? So I decided to look it up on the internet, first I looked up my last name, then my mom's maiden name, then her grandparents surname and finally I decided to look up the meaning of my first name. Most of the websites I looked at had the same thing, male counter part Adrian, Italian origin meaning from the area of Hadria or the Adriatic Sea. Can mean dark. blah blah blah, that was not what I was looking for. So after about maybe 10 pages (seemed more like a hundred pages) I found a site called first-name-meanings. and here is what it said:

Who is she?

Adrianna is a woman with character! A very powerful personality, who has little reason to envy the opposite sex. Like them, she is ambitious, courageous, impatient (yup that's me)and even a little domineering. She enjoys a good fight and needs regular exercise to work off her excess energy. (That last sentance is not me at all!!!) Endowed with qualities more often employed to describe a man than a woman, (at one point my dad said I should have been born a boy, I think cause I'm not all girly girl and I love a good tee shirt and jeans look) she is forthright and doesn´t mince her words, which can be very blunt, at times. She is proud, stubborn (oh my goodness, stubborn needs a stronger word to describe my stubborness)and very loyal. She knows how to grab hold of opportunities when they appear. Tact, tolerance, passivity, gentleness and weakness are not included in her vocabulary. Nevertheless, this is to hide her emotional and quite sensitive soul, and in the face of adversity, especially during times of emotional upheaval, she is inclined to panic and become withdrawn. Although she is somewhat materialist and appreciates wealth, she is a generous spirit who is capable of sacrifice for the ones she loves ones, or indeed any good cause that happens to touch her. Parents, don´t be fooled by her tom-boy attitude, neither should you be too impressed by her apparent determination because deep down, she´s really a big softie, is more of a worrier than a warrior, and seeks security above all... However, this doesn´t change the fact that she is brimming over with energy most of the time. It´s true that she can be controlling, jealous, and possessive, but one thing is certain, she never pretends to be anybody else. Every once in a while she may display violent anger, but remember, this is simply to remind you that she exists! Equally genuine and honest as a child, she will love you intensely. Let her find her equilibrium and appease her competitive spirit by encouraging her to take part in a sport... Similarly, creative activities such as music, painting or sculpture could provide the stimulation and the thrills that she seeks...

What does she like?
A woman of great passion, Adrianna needs to find meaning in her life, and is therefore attracted to achievements that are concrete, solid and tangible. It is important for her to succeed, by herself if possible, but otherwise, her partner´s success will do, and he´d better be up to the job! Her �now you see it, now you don´t´, personality calls for escape from time to time. Her travels could just as easily take her to the other side of this world as the one in her extremely active imagination. Fascinated by all that is weird and wonderful, magical and unexplained, she may even have some talent as a medium... Her emotional life is no less divided: she knows what she wants and needs a partner who she can admire and the security of home roots, any woman that gets too close to her man would be wise to start running now! Possessive, jealous and demanding, imagine the shape of a mushroom cloud and you´ll get the general idea of what could happen, that is, unless she realizes that she might have gone too far... Far from being the model housewife, she sometimes recklessly spends large amounts of money on herself, however when it comes to others she is quite capable of tightening the purse strings...

What does she do?
Not really qualified for the role of a housewife, Adrianna could be tempted by the following career paths: business or money related occupations (banking, accounting, management...), power related occupations (military, law enforcement, sport...), travel related occupations, as well as occupations in connection with broadcasting and journalism, preferably involving contact with the public, in the social (justice) and medical fields, or an occupation that enables her to make the most of her intuitive abilities or live her "inspiration" (artistic occupations, parapsychology...)

When I read this I had to look around to see if I could find any spyware looking at me. I mean, and those of you who know me, this has me written between those lines. Not everything applied to me and my life, BUT most of it described ME!!! Now this is what I was looking for when I wonder what my name means, what are my personalities supposed to be. I think now I am going to look at my zodiac sign, Aries.....

Thursday, August 8, 2013

So Tired

          Wow, I can't believe how long it has been since I have posting something on my Blog.  I don't even know where to begin to try and catch up on what is going on in my life. Let's see it is August already, the year is going by fast, maybe even a little too fast!  My last post was on July 11th, and here is is August 8th, almost a month has passed. 
          Chango was on a FEMA account, where he ran loads for fema in Oklahoma City.  It was pretty awesome because he got paid no matter if he pulled a load or not.  He had came home in June for a few days and left out and was on the account for about a month and a half.  Yup I went a month and a half without seeing my hunny bear, but finally the account was up and he was headed home.  So he finally came home 'round the 26th of July.  It was so nice to see him!! But talk about busy, we went fishing at night, target practice at the gun range and then we rested and cleaned guns on his last day home.  He has been gone for about a little over two weeks, earlier this week he was able to stop by the house for his 10 hour break.  Good thing is that he is going to be home in about a week. 
          What have I been up to?? WELL, all I can say is that I have been up to loosing sleep. LOL  I have been helping out our friend, I'll call him Flan Cupcake since I don't like to use real names, with his paper route.  His parents went on vacation so for about a week this has been my scheduled.  
                                        9:30a- go to regular job
                                        4:15p- end of work, go home, eat dinner.
                                         6p:ish-be in bed
                                         Midnight: get up, need to leave the house by midnight-thirty
                                         5:00a-6:00a-finish route, head home.
                                         6:00a-845a-get up, start schedule all over again.
So now that you look at my schedule, where does it have time to sleep.  If I add up my hours of sleep I am getting maybe about 6-8 hours of sleep.  I don't always come home from work or the route and go to sleep right away, like today.  (it's even harder when you are trying not to fall asleep at work or while driving home) You're probably wondering why I am allowing this to happen, or why I am choosing to help with the route, well it's because 1. he is a friend.  2. his parents (mamma m and daddy m) are out of town on a vacation so I am covering Flan Cupcake's route while he is covering his dad's route.  and 3.  I added up the wages from work and what I am getting paid and I am making over $200 a day for working both jobs.  It helps out in the long run, especially since I have 3 guns in lay-a-way that I am making payments on.  
I have also aquired another Bearded Dragon. Chango and I thought Drako needed a tank mate, and so I went on Craigslist and found her.  Her name is Flash (that is what they named her and I was wanting to change it to a Constellation name like Drako's name BUT Change said that since she is quick and runs around Flash fits her.  I still want to change it) She is so quick, and boy does she have an attitude on her, I was telling Chango that I have to sit there and work with her to be allowed to be held but with me working so much I don't have the time to do it.  The other day I decided to see how she would react to me putting my hand by her and what did she do, puff out her beard and opened her mouth.  I pulled my hand away, and told her okay you win this round.  But I am not going to give up on her, I am actually going to get ahold of this person who makes custom harnesses for Dragons and see about getting a leash for her so that way after I do pick her up I can put her in the harness and if she escapes my hands I won't loose her.  Plus Drako likes to go outside in the grass and I can use the lease for her also.  Eventually I will pick up another leash so I can take both of them outside at the same time. 
        Oh man, time is going by so slow when you are so sleepy!!! I better get up and move around before I fall asleep at work.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Dad, Mom and Broken Light

A story about my Dad and Mom when they were dating.
My dad sent me a letter and what is in the picture.  The letter says:
Dear Adri,
        I'm sending you this piece of plastic.  This piece of plastic came off of the tail light of my 1957 Ford, when I was visiting I got down and was against the tail end of the car talking to Rose.  The light was broken and I took outtis piece and threw i on th ground, she picked it up and said, "don't break the light."  This piece she kept it and when she was in class she would chew on it, she always carried it with her. This little piece has survived all these years.
                Take care,
                    Your DAD
                         P. Luna

When he was telling me the story before he sent it to me, he said he had fixed it to be worn on a necklace, and when he was going through her stuff after she passed he had found it again.  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bad news for a family member

I have a cousin that is my favorite in the whole wide world; he was released from prison on parole.  For three weeks it seemed like he was doing well, at least that's what he was telling me.  He would call me every day or every other day to check in and let me know he was okay.  I had spoken to him on Thursday and told him I would talk to him on Friday. Friday came and I called him, no answer.  I thought “okay he may just be busy”.  Saturday no answer, Sunday the same, then on Monday his phone started going to voice mail. So finally today I called a parole office, they informed me that he was arrested Monday.  I don’t know why, wondering when I am going to learn what it was for.  But it hurts, and I feel like I should have done more to keep him out, but he did have it rough.  He was homeless, moneyless, family-less, and struggling.  In a way it feels like a relief because he isn’t on the streets, but at the same time I just wish he wouldn’t have gone back.  When I was told I got sad, my greatest fear came true.   I was hoping he would “tough” it out and next year when he got off of parole he would be able to come out here to Missouri with me.  In a way I feel disappointed. Disappointed in the cards he was delt, and how it put him back into prison.  Disappointed that his choices, well I haven’t really found out what the reason for going back was, put him back in there.  Disappointed, that I couldn’t help my cousin with more than just emotional support from far away.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Time off with Chango

Monday (6/10) through Wednesday (6/12) was Chango's home time.  It was nice to have him home.  
On Monday, we went to see a Kansas City Royals game. It was a boring game, I am guessing because none of the teams were teams we liked.  The Royals played Detroit Tigers and the final score was 7-2 Royals.
 On Tuesday we took a drive to Hannibal, Mo.  Nothing in the town seemed to peek our interest so we were debating to take a drive to Nauvoo, IL or Saint Louis, MO: I ended up picking Saint Louis.  There was plenty of things to do in St. Louis and we picked going to the Budweiser Plant.  Oh man that was such a good choice!!! The first thing we saw there was the Clydesdale Horses and was told a little bit about them.  Did you know that the horses must look a certain way to become part of the wagon team???  After that we went into different parts of the plant, learning different things about how the beer is made and what ingrediants are added, how they are bottled and packaged.  At the end we were able to have free samples of 2 beers or soda.  I had to choose the soda because I was the designated driver and also I lost my drivers license during the Royals game. =(  After the tour of Budweiser we went to the Saint Louis Arch.  Talk about tall!!!!! Then we came home.
 On Wednesday we just stayed home and did some yard work and had a BBQ for just us.  It was nice having James home and especially being able to go and tour the Budweiser plant.  Maybe we might go back to Saint Louis to do other things like the science museum and the zoo.  Who knows we will have to wait and see.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Genealogy work

Some people are blessed to do their genealogy work: They have journals, family bibles, letters, stories.  But, what about us that try to do our genealogy with nothing.  No matter where they turn to they don't find anything at all, no one shares any stories because no stories were shared with them, family bibles are non-existant because they were lost in moves or one family member held onto it and now poof it disapeared into thin air,  the letters that were written were thrown away, no one ever wrote journals,  or they just come from a different country that didn't really keep good records (which the further back you go the worse it gets in what ever country you look into)  I remember watching Harry Potter and when he and Sirius Black were in the Black home looking at the wall, I envyed the family tree that was painted on that wall!!! I was wishing that was my family tree.  It's a pain, it's frustrating and sometimes I wish my family just kept the stories and tales going, wrote it down, did something that I can work with.  But I guess that's why when I make a tiny little break through, like finding where my grandparents were born, it fills like I climbed one of the highest mountains in the world, of coarse on the other side of the mountain there is an even bigger one.  *sigh*

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mom's tortillas

Picture taken from:
Mom's home made tortillas were the best.  I never learned how to make them the way she made them, using her fingers for measuring cups.  But I am greatful mom wrote down her recipe and now I can make her tortillas when ever I want.

6 c. Flour
1 tb. Baking Powder
½ ts. Salt
¼ cup. shortening
2-2 ½ c. Hot Water

Add all ingredients into bowl, gradually add hot water (water must be hot to help melt shortening, the hotter the better as long as you don’t burn yourself) mix and knead until elastic.  Cover for 5-10 minutes and shape into balls for rolling. Flatten balls into round tortilla shapes on a floured surface.  (You can shape into balls and then let it sit it’s up to you)
Best rolling pin to use is a steel pipe.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Religion.  Church.  Jesus.  Scriptures. 

People wonder: Why am I Mormon?  They don’t see what I see in my religion.  Am I following just a religion or am I truly following Jesus Christ?  Am I following a man, or am I following God? 

What am I following?  Why Mormonism, Why not another religion? Do I want to explore the thought of going to another church?  Do I really have to go to church to believe in God?  Why go to church at all?  Maybe these are just some good topics for some of my postings…..maybe

So why Mormonism??? If you have read my “Why I am Mormon” Posting then you would have read my testimony of why I choose to be Mormon.  Yes I was raised in a house where my parents were Mormon.  My mother was active, while my father wasn’t.  But my road to my religion is in fact my road. It all comes down to the fact that I am choosing this way.  I could ask why are you catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, or non-denominational? What are your beliefs? Why do you believe that way?  Because, you and I believe how we believe. We are separate beings, we both have our own brain to think with.  But that doesn’t explain why I am the religion I am. 
Most people shun the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because of where it got it’s start.  From a 14 year old boy, at the time, who saw a vision of God and Jesus Christ and who told him not to join any church because none were the true church.  Now, if you believe your church, let’s say you are catholic, is the true church then you would have some trouble swallowing this wouldn’t you.  But as I have explored, pondered, studied and questioned this first vision, I have asked the same question as Joseph Smith did.  What church is the true church, is it my church I belong to or is it another church I haven’t found?  My answer has always been, there hasn’t been a true church on this earth since Jesus has left, most churches only have just a small piece of what Jesus’ church was like.  Think of it, the church that Jesus had on earth; his true church, as a sheet of glass.  Now when Jesus was crucified and returned to live with our Heavenly Father what happened to the church?  Like any sheet of glass when you drop it, it breaks.  The breaking off of the church was when Jesus died.  People took their piece of shattered glass and said I have the church.  Some has small pieces, some had large pieces, some even took  very small pieces and tried gluing them together to make a whole bigger piece.  Have I lost you yet? 
Maybe here is a better example.  Think of the…naw I am not going to use individual church names, so think of church A as a vase that has been glued together.  Somewhere, when the vase broke, some pieces were lost.  But the owner, or creator of that church, put the vase together with 10 missing pieces.  Church B had only 5 missing pieces but church D has 20 missing pieces.  They did their best to fix the vase, maybe even putting replacement pieces in the place of the missing pieces.
Okay where was I going with this?  My mind is working a million miles an hour. Now how do I justify thinking the way I was thinking?  Well it starts to show in the letters that the Apostils, who were still alive at the time, were writing to the churches.  Yes he was teaching them new things but at the same time he was correcting the error of their ways.  So already they were starting to stray away from the true church.  Coming back to now days: I think some churches out there have bits and pieces of the truth, some have larger pieces, some have smaller, and some have very bent pieces.  It just all goes back to man’s interpretation of the word. I’m not saying I know the word, in fact I know little of the Bible.  I haven’t read it cover to cover, but I can say I am kind of, sort of, reading the Old Testament. (I just get bored with it, that it’s self is a different topic.) But what I have read goes hand in hand with what Mormonism believes in. 
For example:  God makes it very clear for Moses to build a temple, or tabernacle.  And there are chapters of how to build it and how to sow the clothes, the tapestry, and how to anoint one’s self.  Has anyone really questioned why God would allow Moses to write such a long detailed account?  I have and I have also questioned why the LDS are so into their temples.  And one day it hit me.  Duh!!! So those of you who know the Mormon temples are sacred.  SACRED not secret. In the front of the temple it says “House of the Lord”.  We truly believe, as in the days of Moses, that our temples are the house of the Lord.  That is why we keep them Sacred and only allow worthy members to enter it.  After all the Temple is the Lords house and he has stated that he doesn’t allow any unclean person to enter into his house. What other churches out there put such a grand emphasis on temples like the LDS do?  There are other things also that I just can’t think of right now.
Another reason why I choose to stay Mormon is the fact that we believe in the Plan of Salvation.  When I lost my mom back when I was twelve, and it hurt so much.  I haven’t had anything happen that has hurt that much.  But I am very grateful of what the church believes in and that I have a chance to see my mom again when I leave this world. 
 I think the number one reason why I still believe in what the LDS believe in is, every other church that I have attended does not have the same spirit as our church does.  I can truly fell the Spirit in church & meetings.  The Spirit whispers to me this is true.  This is the church I belong to.  Mormon = me.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What to say

How to start my posting today?  What to say.  Thoughts that go through my head as I wonder, what do I want to write? What do I want to say? A couple of things run around in my head, some of it are good.  But then I think how, am I going to explain what I mean.  What examples am I going to use.  Most of my posting are leaning more towards the LDS in me, my spiritual side.  I wonder if I start writing about a certain topic am I going to be able to fully explain it correctly, can I use quotes from the scriptures? I look at other people’s blogs and they are so well written, so well said.  Then I look at my blog and go, “oh, Adri, you cannot write.  You cannot make it flow.  You sound like one of those actors in a movie that speak at 100mph.”  I’ve never been able to explain myself with bright beautiful colors or use words to paint a picture in the mind of the reader.  I guess this is just how I talk period. At least these are the true thoughts of my head.
For those of you who do read my blog, I thank you.  I know it is more about religion than anything else.  But that is because my religion is what makes me.  I am a MORMON, What we believe in is what makes me…me.  The loving, kind, sensitive, caring person I am is because of the Values that the church has taught my parents in return they taught me.  I hold on to them because if I didn’t, I would be someone totally different.  But most of all, I talk about religious things because I love my Heavenly Father and my Redeemer.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Plan of Salvation Visuals

Every time the Elders come to visit and teach a lesson they do not have visual aids.  I don't know if it is because I am used to the Sisters having visual aids or what but it just seems really weird not to have any shown.  Maybe I am just a visual person and I like seeing creative things.  It was really weird, Friday 4/12 I got this strong feeling to find some visual aids for the Missionaries.  I looked online to see if I can find some that I could color.  I did find one set that someone had drawn and posted online. Here  So I printed those out, colored them and then took them to church with me where I put clear tape over them and gave them to Elder Read.  I didn't know that he was being transferred this week and so it was kind of a present to him.  I told Elder White that I would make him a set.  His set I kind of took from different sites to make his.  But the majority came from Here.  So this is what mine looks like.  I will how ever be making a set and sending them to Sister Curtis in the Philippines, I am going to write on them in Tagalog.  I might even make one's for Sister Curtis who will be serving in the Adriatic Mission (she's at the mtc <missionary training center> right now.)
So here is what I came up with:
  • Side note, I am having trouble putting them all in a row, I had it once but then I wanting to put captions on them, and well it is not going =( Okay so something was done and I don't know what but everything is in a row now.  I am just going to leave this and close this entry!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

You Chose the Wrong Time (Dramatic Monologue)

Warning this contains strong language and sexual content

Now you’ve done it, haven’t you?  Look at your beautiful house, I bet it cost a fortune to build, and you paid every single cent.  I could tell you were about showing off your money, I can tell by what you have on.  I bet that’s Versace, Armani or is it Gucci? Even to kill yourself you dressed up for the occasion.  Look at those shoes; you know I bet I would have to have saved for a year just to buy even one shoe. If this is what you wear I wonder what you drove. But oh well, here it is 2:30 in the morning and here I am picking your brains up from off the ground.  Ugh, what a mess you made.  How in the hell did you get your brains up on the high ceilings? Come to think of it, your brains kinds of looks like my spaghetti dinner I had last night.  Oh the wife made it real good; she added the little tiny meatballs that I love. And she even made the sauce from scratch; you could taste the basil and Italian seasonings she uses.  She knows how to make it were it’s not too runny or to thick. She even made homemade garlic bread with sprinkles of parmesan cheese on top, but that’s one of the reason’s I married her.  I totally forgot it was our anniversary; I didn’t get her a present.  So the only gift I could give her was passionate love. You know the kind that would make her feel like she was Queen of the world, the kind that makes her toes curl and she begs for more but to stop at the same time. But right in the middle of this my pager went off and here I am with you.  What a selfish bastard you are!
            I wonder if you had a wife or a girlfriend or maybe even both. Mind if I look around?  Why am I asking for your permission, you’re dead!  Oh yes, here she is on your little mantel above your fire place.  Did she position it here, or did you do that so that why she would feel like you love her enough to look at her every day?  Wow what a looker she is, her long blond hair, that goes around all the down to her butt, and those eyes: as big and bright as the sky. Her body isn’t that bad either, she looks like she actually has a little bit of meat on her bones, just how I like them. Those legs, what long voluminous tree trunks they are, boy would I love to have those wrapped around me and pull me in tight!   So did you ever make love to her? Woo her in to your bed in a seductive dance? Do a love dance like the pigeons, bobbing their heads at each other, while they turn circles, cooing.  Or are you like a gorilla beating your chest to show you are big and bad, dominating her by throwing her around? I would have loved to fuck her.
            But I wonder what drove you to spread your head?  Come on let’s flip you over and examine your front side.  Weren’t you a handsome man, what a shame! What a pity!  So what did drive you to off yourself?  You had money, a nice house, a good looking woman.  If only I could read what you were thinking at the time of you death.  I bet it was because of your woman, or women.  I bet you they drove you insane, maybe they found out about each other, or maybe you actually had one woman and she cheated on you.  Wanting to leave you and take all your money with her.  Yeah my wife would drive me insane. One day I bet I am going to be the one with my brains spewed everywhere because my wife drove me to do it, and there is going to be a horny death picker-upper talking to me, like I am to you, because I disturbed him in the middle of love making.